Friends, something that I have been waiting for is starting to happen. I stop speculating on the public portfolio and start depositing capital into my brokerage account. The amounts there are completely different and the goals of the account change. I consider it unsafe and unreasonable to trump with such things, and therefore I will designate my purchases only in the investment club.

For the speculative group, as now, I will designate stocks with the potential for sharp or medium growth. Shares analyzed in the group for speculators can also be used for investment, but of course you yourself decide whether they will be such for you.

For 2 years, at a very moderate risk, we earned 75% to the account, and we didn’t fall for the crisis of 2020. I think that this is an excellent result.

I think that fixing short-term profitable positions during the fall and playing long with stops will be our priority for the fall of 2021.

I can only congratulate all those who have been with us these 2 years and wish new successes after the expected correction.

I remind you that the entire archive of forecasts is available to you in the group with speculative ideas (in the comments under the group), the Patrion's daily posts will be transferred there, and the posts themselves will be updated.

That's the way)

By Nicholas

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