13 long years have passed since the beginning of the cycle, the last phrase of this business cycle was longer than the previous ones and the reason for this is simple: printing money, I think everyone knows this.

In this last phase, we naturally see towering growth, which I warned you about back in 2020, but what next?, but then the professional will look at the indicators and nothing more, while others will be guided by “feelings”.

They would have to take a course of Haloperidol and calm down, but there is no way to do this, because right now their finest hour, their "forecasts" for eternal growth come true every day, which, however, is not surprising, given that they release them 7 times a day.)

It is IMPORTANT to understand that now is the time! This is the time when they will see every step down as temporary, short-term and small, buying off while there is money and dragging adherents with them, and when it becomes clear that there is no turning back, they will say that this is an investment.

But now attention! My prediction: those who buy right now will not get their money back at all, the market will not return to its highs in the next 10 years.

Moreover, I would not play the game: “I still have time to earn a local rebound”, because if you are not an investor, you may not like what you see on your accounts in six months.

By Nicholas

Trader, public figure, blogger, business leader.

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