Few people understand that the uniqueness of the new cycle is not the ability to buy shares of hyped companies, this may not make much sense, but the new directions of this new cycle can make thousands of percent, completely changing the map of the economies of entire countries.

So, for example, we are unlikely to see the death of hydrocarbons, but an increase in the percentage of "green technologies" can completely change the direction of the use of the former, reducing by several times people's need for them. The connection of the new world will be different, already now the Star link project shows the outline of these processes, which means that it will be possible to forget about cellular operators and their ambitions, I think that sim cards will also go into oblivion.

Why do we need to understand all this? It's simple: by understanding the trends, we can buy those companies that at the start can cost a fraction of a cent, and years later people are already putting all their money into them. Why not buy them right now? It's simple: the crisis simply kills startups and new ideas, and even if not, their development in conditions of limited liquidity is frozen.

I also want to say that the world that will appear to us will be different from what we are used to; I will say more: not only priorities will change, but also the rules of the game. With a high degree of certainty, we can also talk about the fall of the banking system as a way of distributing resources, which means that new financial flows will be distributed on new principles that increase the mobility of the money supply.

For such countries as the Russian Federation, this is both an opportunity and a tragedy - after all, inflexibility leads to fractures, which means that when choosing a country for investment, you need to choose a progressive, flexible and sustainable system.

By Nicholas

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