Recently, I often come across opinions that the near-market is something absolutely terrible, criminality in its purest form and is a stigma for an employee of the financial industry.

First, let's define the concept:

A near-market is a sphere of earnings, a kind of market, which is based on already exchange markets and ways to earn money in these markets (Sale of trading systems and robots, fortune-telling on coffee grounds, etc.).
There are two types of near-market: black and white

  • The black near-market differs in purpose - its main task is to earn as much as possible on traders (Selling useless software, ideas that will definitely work, and advertising binary options)
  • White, in turn, carries semantic and payload (Sale of books, organizing forums, meetings, and any useful little thing that will help you earn more on the stock exchange)

Thus, everyone who receives any profit from non-trading operations (employees of brokers, financial houses, banks, analytical agencies, government agencies, scientists and writers) are them, and everyone who has their own channel, website or blog absolutely definitely belongs to them. because they have the opportunity to monetize. It turns out that only a trader whom no one knows about is a pure trader.

The conclusion is quite simple: those people who scatter these definitions have no idea what they are talking about. As a rule, they do not have a positive trading experience, at best, trading on the exchange at all.

By Nicholas

Trader, public figure, blogger, business leader.

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