A few months ago, I expected the growth of the ruble to 65, in parallel, a forecast was given for 4900 on s & p, now that the markets have already grown, and the developing markets, as we expected, have begun to fall, faith in the growth of the ruble is leaving me, which means that there are 2 options, either developed markets will grow more than we expected, or there will be no chance to buy another dollar with a leverage of 67.
Given the above, your strategy should be as conservative as possible, it’s better not to experiment on holidays and leave in the currency, and all morning forecasts remain valid and trading tools should be selected accordingly.
Remember that the military rhetoric and increased calls between the 2 presidents may very well be the silhouette of a black swan.
In the annual forecast for 2022, I concluded that it will not be calm, I am ready to assume that it will become restless from January.

By Nicholas

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