Part 1: Who was

What is the difference between a professional and a non-professional? the first is paid for his work.

About 8 years ago, I could not think that the analytics of political and financial directions would become my main activity, for a long time I was paid for performing managerial functions and I was an employee, like many of my readers. About 8 years ago, I got into the environment of people who helped me get a wide range of connections, including finance, where I first immersed myself in the flow of information, including insider information. Approximately 4.5 years ago, I was asked to share my thoughts on any issue or asset, and when they saw that this was a very competitive job, they began to pay me for it. Back then, I traded on foreign exchanges to the fullest, earning my main capital, and my lifestyle was similar to a hero named Koreiko from the Golden Calf, the area in which I worked directly endangered me if I showed my income.

About 3.5 years ago, having quit my job and finished my political activity (I collaborated with several parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties or their representatives), I decided to voice my forecasts about the situation in the life of the country, the main resource "ERA OF CHANGE" was created with hundreds of cells throughout the country, a website and a network of closed communications abroad, led his own channel and divided it into 2 parts “ERA OF CHANGE” and “Era of change finance”, the last of which I am now conducting with your requests, as they say. In some places, they quickly became interested in the activities of the public, and realizing that the good deed would not end, I migrated, and very quickly. Therefore, when you see the shooting location: Tbilisi, you must remember that this is entirely the result of my now largely come true public forecasts and activities.

However, let's leave that in the past.

Part 2: What has become

After about a month of living in Georgia, I got a job as an analyst in a brokerage company, where I worked for 1.5 years, and later became the head of the analytical department in it, currently I do not work there, there are many reasons, but first of all, I am not satisfied with either the pace or quality of work inside, I do not like it when my initiatives are extinguished.

Since this month, I have completely devoted my time to working with subscribers, I definitely decided not to return to hired labor, in my field (and I was offered a very good job now) there is a concept of trade secrets and intellectual property of the company, in other words, I would not have the right to tell you the results my analytical work.

Now about the time, now and then there are subscribers who demand to provide them with all the work for free and at the time they want, let me remind you that you don’t go to work for free, and our working day is clearly incomparable, I bet you 15 hours a day 360 days a year don't work.

Here is my average daily schedule, for which I even bought an apartment with a separate office, because I am a burden for the household:

5.00 wake up, glass of water and start processing the news for the evening and morning

5.30 Desk Review and Recording for Closed Groups

7.30 Breakfast and watching financial news on Bloomberg, etc. (in parallel of course))

8.00 Walking "expert" and exercise

8.30 Analytical references and reviews for legal entities. and physical persons standing on the service under the contract.

11.00 Start of calls from the club of investors (for example):

11.00 Vasily

12.00 Sergey

13.00 Vitaly

and so on until 16.00

In between, I have time to have lunch, and by 17.30 I’m getting ready for the opening of “America”, where, as a rule, I complete all my transactions before 20.00

Do not forget that my weekly releases on the channel are released on the weekend, which definitely does not mean my rest, and working with people on the weekend is even more stressful, because they have more time on these days.

Somewhere in between was my dinner, by the way)

At 22.00 I go to sleep and everything continues in a circle.

How is it?) Lightness?) Still doesn't seem like a job?

Of course, this is not what matters, but the result that you see later.

All my life I have been involved in sports, he taught me to win and, first of all, myself.

Every time I see a “you look bad you need to rest” comment, I smile, because my rumpled face is a side effect of another small victory the day before.

I also forgot to write here that I am the director of a trading and agricultural company (albeit a small one), and I also lead a bunch of public projects and help former compatriots.

Now I think the comment: “you should rest” will make you smile no less)

Keep in touch with everyone and see you next trading week.

By Nicholas

Trader, public figure, blogger, business leader.

12 thoughts on “Коля с Эры Перемен”
    1. Greetings Nikolay. I got acquainted with your work, not so long ago, about 4 months ago. I listened to your video about oil for 120 and dolar105. I invested and saw how people in a panic got rid of the dollar on the fall, refrained from selling. Now I want to thank you so much for your hard work. Like and health.

  1. Kolyan, you're just a genius, it's a pity not everyone saw it from the very beginning! Hard worker! I respect!

  2. Just a very talented person, thank you for the last 4 years of work, everything I watched on YouTube, everything is on point😊

  3. I have been following your channel for two years, but I could not fully use the information that you gave and continue to share. “We don’t have enough funds?”, “We don’t have enough mind.” But still I learned a lot of new things and began to understand things that I had not been interested in before.
    I confess that my opinion about you has changed in one direction, then in the other, and it is still controversial. But it is impossible to break away and you certainly deserve respect.
    Thank you! Take care of yourself.

    1. I totally agree with you Catherine! )) I also cannot fully use all the information provided by Nikolai. We must learn to manage emotions and control risks!

  4. Well done Kolya! I found my calling, and most importantly, that you will succeed and like yourself! Keep it up!!! Shake your hand

  5. Nikolay, thank you so much for your analytics, I was subscribed to Patrion for 2 years, first monthly, then it was annual, but it so happened that at the time of payment to renew the subscription, the card used to pay on the Internet ran out of funds, I wanted to subscribe to the investment club, but … Nevertheless, I bought dollars from 64 rubles, thanks again.

  6. Talented people are talented in everything! Thanks for your work. I'm sorry I only now found you! Urgently trying to figure everything out, while it is complicated, and there is not enough time. While I figure everything out, I think time will be lost and there will be no such opportunities as now for the formation of a long-term dividend portfolio. Does it make sense to immediately subscribe to the Investor level for personal work with you to form a portfolio. Or is it useless without knowledge?

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