According to my forecasts, over the next 12 months, the largest banks in the world will receive a fatal blow, I believe that it will be so strong that entire sectors of the economy will collapse. The preliminary forecast speaks of a tenfold collapse. Yesterday I withdrew most of it from bank accounts, I believe that regional banks of secondary economies will completely cease to exist. Cash and, strangely enough, stablecoins, as well as gold, are the answer to the upcoming collapse.

By Nicholas

Trader, public figure, blogger, business leader.

9 thoughts on “Банковская система”
  1. Financial calabs ... everything went to this for many, many years ...

  2. Nikolay, thank you! I am very glad that I found such a competent professional analyst. You write: did you withdraw money from bank accounts, that is, did you withdraw it in cash?
    I just don't quite understand how to do it. If you keep cash, then suddenly they will depreciate or they will not be exchanged for a digital ruble when the time comes ..

    1. Yes, Nikolai, please tell me where to withdraw the money?! What should we do?

  3. Nikolai, why stablecoins? They are provided with seemingly the same money in banks and financial instruments, which will fall even more. Do not believe that some kind of Tether is real money.

  4. Nikolai, what about brokerage accounts? The same interactive? How long will it be safe to keep funds there to buy assets at the right time?

  5. In this regard, what are the prospects for investing in Sberbank shares?

  6. I don't understand what to do either? Only in January I opened an account with TBC, I'm a 3rd year student, I'm going to open an interactive brokerage… and what should I do?? Only 6 people asked the question, but this is a serious topic!!!!

  7. Nikolai, what do you think, how will the cryptocurrency behave in such a situation? I mean classic cryptocurrency, not stablecoins. According to past experience, it reacts to the stock and the market, but then it starts to grow. During the pandemic, we have already seen how the crypt flew up. It is very interesting to hear your opinion.

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