You know, friends, for many years my profession has been planning, forecasting and managing projects and businesses. From the very beginning of my professional career, I was faced with skepticism about my personality, apparently, I do not produce the visual effect familiar to stereotypes, just as they never give me my age. So, over the years, I got used to the fact that my forecasts are taken seriously only after they are fulfilled. We recall all my forecasts regarding the ruble, the socio-economic situation, sanctions, etc., read the comments and make sure that the above is correct, however, about 10 years ago I realized that it makes no difference whether someone believes you or not, the important thing is whether they pay you for your work, as well as whether they recognize you as a professional. As soon as I realized this, my path changed 180 degrees. In the shortest possible time, I got a job as a director in an international company, former and current partners began to throw orders at me. Humility with its unpresentativeness came along with peace and confidence in the market and in life. I would like to recall during these holidays how one carpenter tried to convey to people the reasonable and eternal, and how these same people treated him. Remember that there is no value in the approval of the crowd, just as there is no problem in the fact that someone does not like you. Let humility and peace be with you both in trading and in life.

By Nicholas

Trader, public figure, blogger, business leader.

5 thoughts on “Смирение и покой”
  1. Seeking the approval of the crowd = lack of freedom, bias and selling one's "I". As well as blind, reckless following on the heels of the leader = inevitable mistakes, followed by blaming the leader for these mistakes.

  2. Very presentable, but your eyes are faded, you probably already burned out .... peace of humility and peace, this is just what you need 🤗 all the best and accurate forecasts. And in vain you are so about yourself, very disposed.

  3. This carpenter generally had a different goal). He just did not strive for the approval of the crowd, and just showed an example of the highest humility before God. Humility to death. You, Nikolay, “sing songs” different, depending on what they pay for .... Humility has nothing to do with it)

    1. They pay for the forecast, it is what it is. USSR 2.0 and a new prison of peoples on half the continent. Whether you like it or not is purely personal.

  4. I think it's a very wise post. I like you. I wouldn't say it's not presentable.

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